Boutiques Edit returns this March at F1 Pit Building

Taff’s collaboration with Boutique Fairs Singapore will return this March!  The Spring/Summer 2019 edition will feature many familiar and new local  labels. Join us at Boutiques Edit on level 3 and shop to your heart’s content! Mark your calendar on March 29-31 March at the F1 Pit Building. Click here for more information.

Textile and Fashion Federation, Singapore

The Textile and Fashion Federation (Taff) is the official fashion and textile association for those in the industry. Our objective is to increase the visibility of emerging and established local fashion designers in Asia and beyond by providing the designers with opportunity to expand and display their works at trade events. Partnering with local government bodies and major organisations, we facilitate the international expansion of local fashion labels. With a vision to dress the world, Taff is dedicated to supporting the growth of international trade in Singapore. Since conception in 1956, we have built and redefined the fashion and textile industry from a manufacturing hub to a value-added services hub.

We are the operator of The Cocoon Space at Design Orchard, also run programmes and events to support  local designers to raise their profile in Singapore and overseas. A world-renowned strategic partner, Taff plays an active role in the development of the textile and fashion industry and has been instrumental in providing young designers with the opportunity to gain exposure both within the local market and internationally.