Growing Beyond Home Shores

Partnering with International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Taff brings Singapore designers to trade shows in key fashion cities like Paris, New York and Shanghai.

Tradeshow Collage

Beyond leading and assisting designers in coordinating with trade show organisers, Taff also organises buyer matching programmes where needed. This is to help facilitate the brands’ expansion internationally, as well as develop Singapore designers beyond the trade shows. On top of that, we also organise PR events and fashion runway shows for local designers to gain greater presence in foreign markets.

Click on the following trade shows for more information:

Japan Fashion Week A/W 2017
Paris Fashion Week A/W 2017
New York Fashion Week A/W 2017
Shanghai Fashion Week A/W 2017
New York Fashion Week S/S 2017
Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017
New York Fashion Week S/S 2018
Milan Fashion Week S/S 2018
Paris Fashion Week S/S 2018
Shanghai Fashion Week S/S 2018
Japan Fashion Week S/S 2018

 *Prices exclude travel, accommodation and Taff’s admin fee.

For more information on New York Fashion Week, contact Eruwin at eruwinsudirman@taff.org.sg.

For more information on Paris Fashion Week, contact Marianne at mariannetan@taff.org.sg.