Corporate Membership

Taff spearheads a suite of programmes and activities for our members. These programmes include branding, productivity and design consultancy. Some of our other member benefits include:

  • Privileged rates for trade show and seminars
  • Regular networking sessions
  •  Strategic partnership events (e.g. with on-ground communities)
  • Overseas sourcing and mission trips (e.g. to Paris, New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, etc.)
  • Access to a comprehensive network of practical contacts generated from the close working relationships between Taff and companies and government agencies
  • Free one-day course at for one person

Download the Taff corporate membership brochure here. Download the Taff corporate membership application form here.

Student Membership

The Taff Student Membership programme is designed to give fashion students a peek into the real world. Members will have the opportunity to see how the different segments of the fashion industry supply chain work, and participate in programmes that give them exclusive access to the fashion world. Members will also be offered opportunities to work with established fashion designers and companies in Singapore, as well as get priority in volunteering for our pillar events like BLUEPRINT.

In addition, students get to showcase their works through Taff programmes and competitions.

Download the Taff student membership application form here.