Founded on the belief of empowering women through style, Love, Bonito is the leading online fashion brand in Singapore offering high-quality apparel with a cut and fit perfected for Asian women. While remaining affordable, Love, Bonito aims to empower confidence through style. They hope to inspire and dress women of today to be the change for tomorrow.


A growing fashion brand, Love, Bonito has created a platform for designers to learn and grow with the company, cultivating an inspiring environment for creative ideas to thrive. Presently, the design team consists of three designers with different styles and specialities and a common goal of creating apparel that speaks sophistication while possessing functionality.

The design team places emphasis on perfecting the cut, finishing and functionality of each design. The creative design process starts off with trend research, which is later fused with customers’ preferences. Fabrications and colour-ways are decided according to the forecast of the season. After which, the designs are sent for sampling and fitting before finalisation. Last but not least, quality control is ensured for every piece of product.


Featuring a combination of oriental traditional pieces that are both classy and elegant, Love Bonito’s Spring ’17 collection is perfect for those who are looking for modern feminine pieces.


Love, Bonito is currently stocked in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. Visit www.lovebonito.com to check out their latest collection!

  • ESTA


This week, we feature EPSON x REVASSEUR, where we share Singapore designer REVASSEUR’s experience using Epson’s SureColor SC–F2000 Direct to Garment printer at 庄 Zhuang: Home of Singapore Designers earlier this month. 

Gilda Su is the founder of REVASSEUR, which means “daydreamer” in French. Her brand aims to bring “fun” back into fashion and is a mix of whimsical and avant garde designs, a play on texture and prints, and some down-right outrageous over-the-top novelties that encourage its wearers to experiment and to make a statement with a personal style that is uniquely theirs.

REVASSEUR’s clothing are mostly made using polyester fabric and the designs are imprinted using dye sublimation where dye is transferred onto fabrics using heat.

banner2   With a keen interest to try new technology and material to print designs on clothes, Gilda jumped at the chance when asked to test out the Epson SureColor SC–F2000 Direct to Garment printer which was designed using the latest advancements in performance imaging along with Epson’s all-new garment ink technology. 


By collaborating with Epson, Gilda was able to print designs directly onto cotton fabric, instead of the usual polyester fabric that REVASSEUR clothes are known for. Gilda raved about her experience using Epson’s printer first hand, saying it was easy to navigate and use. It was also an eye opener for the public as they could watch the printing process live at TANGS. 


“If I have an Epson SureColor SC–F2000 Direct to Garment printer in my office, I can do so many things as the possibilities are endless and I can attract new customers to my brand,” said Gilda Su, founder and designer of REVASSEUR.

REVASSEUR’s collection is currently stocked in Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. Visit https://www.facebook.com/REVASSEUR/ for more information. 

    part-1-1 part-1-2

    Having been surrounded by fashionistas and creative people for the longest time, Addie Low found himself being naturally drawn to the fashion industry when he established NOW Model Management in 2011. Addie initially started scouting for local models and talents and groomed them with passion and interest. Within a short period of time, he was able to get a stable amount of local male models under his wings which he then proposed to Men’s Fashion Week 2012 (MFW2012) show producer, Daniel Boey who confirmed 4 of his models to walk alongside with International male models.


    Addie Low established NOW Model Management as he reminisced the 80’s where local models were dominating local magazines from cover spreads to inside pages. He personally trained his models and encouraged them to sell their unique Asian face by being confident, staying humble and being willing to learn along the way.


    “With Singapore being recognized as a fashion hub, it is always good to support our local scene to boost the recognition, creativity and appreciation in this industry.” – Addie Low

    The models in the Singapore Fashion Awards campaign are from NOW Model Management. For more information on NOW Model Management, visit theit website at www.nowmodelmgmt.com.

    daniel boey taffspotlight2.1 unnamed

    Having been in the fashion industry for 26 years, Daniel Boey, best known as the Godfather of Singapore Fashion, is the creative director of the Singapore Fashion Awards. One of the most highly sought-after fashion and lifestyle curators in Asia, Daniel has conceptualised, developed, produced and directed major fashion events internationally.

    unnamed (1)

    “I’m hoping that the Singapore Fashion Awards can grow into an annual event where our fashion community of veterans and new generations alike can get together to network, socialise and honour deserving members of the industry, and serve as the go-to avenue for fashion aficionados and fans alike to discover fresh, new and exciting Singapore fashion talent.” said Daniel Boey.

    With Daniel’s extensive experience in the fashion industry, the organising committee has benefited greatly from the sharing of ideas.

    To know more about Daniel Boey and view his extensive body of work, visit www.danielboey.com.

    taffspotlight repost from snoc

    Since 2001, ESTA has been working with the Singapore National Olympics Council (SNOC) designing the formal wear for athletes and officials at SEA Games, ASEAN Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympics.


    In 2015, ESTA was tasked to create a new modern look of the jacket giving it a slimmer and smarter cut. A label with a cheeky caption above the pocket was also included: “Kiss medal. Bite medal. Place medal here.” This year, they redesigned the ties and scarves for athletes, incorporating unprecedented phrase referring to the specific game, “I made it to Rio 2016”.


    The changes to the formal wear design moved away from the conventional, stiff-looking uniforms, giving the athletes a sense of empowerment as they go forth to do Singapore proud at the games.


    The team behind ESTA work closely with one another to ensure smooth delivery of their client’s uniforms.

    The sales team is responsible for understanding the client’s uniform requirements and how they want their corporate identity to be portrayed. The sales team gathers enough information to prepare a design brief for ESTA’s design team.

    ESTA’s Product Design & Development (PDD) team work closely under the supervision and guidance of founder and Creative Director, Esther Tay. The design team plays a pivotal role in pitching for projects as it helps their client to visualise the design of their new uniforms. The PDD team develops design concepts and fabric proposals for the sales team to propose to the client.

    After the PDD team compiles a manual containing important information regarding style, fabrication, accessories, supplier, etc., the project is handed over to ESTA’s merchandiser. The merchandiser then takes over the project for bulk production, and is in charge of sizing the wearers, placing orders for fabrics and garments, supervising factory progress and shipment. Any alteration requests after bulk delivery will also be serviced by the project merchandiser.

    Finally ESTA’s logistics team ensures that the uniforms are delivered to their client on time, along with monitoring the inventory of all their clients.

    To know more about ESTA and their extensive list of clients, visit their website www.r2w.com.sg.

    Part 1 Part1.2

    K.BLU Swim was founded in May 2013 by Lyn Rosmarin and recently opened their first store at Mandarin Gallery. K.BLU highlights on designer prints, using Italian fabrics that are light and soft, ensuring a graceful and flattering fit for all body types. In essence, K.BLU showcases fashionable multi-way designs suitable from sea to shore.

    Part 2.1

    Being an avid sailor and sea sports enthusiast, Lyn Rosmarin was always on the lookout for swimwear that was both functional and fashionable but could never find anything that fulfilled both criteria. Inspired by the years she spent in the south of France, from Cote D’azur to St Tropez, she finally decided to take a leap of faith and venture into luxury swimwear, leaving behind the finance industry where she’s worked in for the past 12 years.

    Part 3.1

    K.BLU Swim’s creative process begins from an underlying theme – allowing them to determine a silhouette and styles for the collection, followed by addressing the print designs and fabrics. K.Blu Swim will then begin with the pattern drafting and fitting.


    This playful criss cross top features two elegant Henna Mehndi prints by K.BLU Swim that is perfect for summer fun! Its removable padding is an addition for its unique silhouette. Wear it cross front or a plunging deep V if you are feeling sexy.

    View their entire collection and where they are stocked by visiting their website at www.kblu.com.

    Part 1 Part3

    Gnome & Bow was founded on that very notion that bags can go beyond functionality to become a new medium for storytelling, evoking the same emotions as our favourite stories. Drawing inspiration from the classics to tales of fancy, they develop story elements that are imbued seamlessly into their goods. As with reading a book for the first time, exploring their products will uncover subtle and clever details that reveal a story you’ll find familiar, but with a modern twist.

    After graduating from economics school, Quanda worked in a bank for 2.5 years, but realised halfway that it was not for him, so he started to think really seriously about his dream of starting his own fashion brand.

    Part 3

    After many years of studying bags, Quanda realised that most bags are just bags and that didn’t cut it. That’s when the concept of Gnome & Bow got seeded to create bags with a story to tell. He felt that accessories can go beyond functionality and was an ideal medium for storytelling. In March 2014, he successfully crowdfunded over $37,000 in a span of 5 weeks to become the largest fashion campaign in Asia, in turn also making Gnome & Bow a reality.

    Part 4

    Gnome & Bow draws inspiration from the classic stories to tales of fancy – anything from ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Coupled with keen observation of how people use things and what needs they have, they develop clever story elements that are woven subtly into our goods.

    A common question people ask is whether the story or the bag design comes first. Quanda likens this to the chicken-egg paradox.

    The bags in Book I: The Hare & the Flying Tortoise in particular were born first from a functional standpoint. Having travelled to many parts of the world, Quanda realised the need for a bag with an easily accessible slot to hold our laptops, separate from rest of our things, so as to breeze though security checks. And so he started dabbling with a bag that had 2 main zippers. The parallel alignment of zippers reminded him of tracks in racing. That’s how The Hare & the Flying Tortoise was born.

    On the contrary, Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde was born first from Quanda’s fascination for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Expounding on the idea of duality, he wanted to create bags that truly allowed one to embrace both their rational and wild side, hence the concept of reversibility became a key element to achieve this in his design.

    Part 5

    Quanda shares that his personal favourite now is our latest collection Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde. The range of bags and wallets in this collection are designed to showcase the two contending faces of human nature: the rational, reserved side versus the wilder, more spontaneous inner self.

    In this bag collection, the duality of man is expounded by each bag’s reversibility. One side features a classic and lustrous Midnight Blue or Forest Green nylon which speaks of a distinguished Dr. Jekyll. When flipped, the bags reveal a custom printed cotton canvas in Khaki Maverick or Olive Maverick, each motif testament to the unconventional ways of Mr. Hyde. Both characters spar with their other selves via a message that is engraved on the inner leather base of the bag, a constant hint at the fine line that one might thread between the two contradicting personalities.

    In this wallet collection, these two sides are represented by the two contrasting colours. Deep Sea Blue embodies the classy and collected Dr. Jekyll, while Jungle Green characterises the uninhibited and thrill-seeking Mr. Hyde. Each wallet features one colour on the exterior and the contrast colour on the inside, significant of the Jekyll & Hyde that coexists within us.

    Gnome & Bow is currently stocked in Singapore, Stockholm and Manila. Visit www.gnomenbow.com to check out their other storytelling products!

    CarrieK Part 2

    Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery marries artisan-crafted jewellery with playfully provocative design to challenge traditional notions of what makes something precious and desired. Their jewellery tells stories that celebrate the beauty of imperfection and marvel at the mundane in everyday life. They take the time and care to handcraft meaningful, covetable, little loves that will be valued for a long time. Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery’s collections are aimed at men and women with an individual sense of style and those who want to inject some playfulness into their life.

    Part 3

    A former managing director of an international advertising agency, Carolyn Kan took a year off the corporate race to travel. She had an epiphany when she was learning to silversmith in Florence and Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery was created in July 2009. Just a year later, in 2010, she won ELLE Awards “Jewellery Designer of the Year”. This helped catapult Carrie K. from a successful Singapore jewellery label into an international export label.

    Part 4

    “Our philosophy is best articulated through the words of Dr Seuss, who said, “I like nonsense- it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope…and that enables you to laugh at all of life’s realities.” – Carolyn Kan

    Part 5

    “When Disney approached Carrie K. to work with them, it felt like a match made in heaven.“ – Carolyn Kan

    Carrie K.’s two “Alice Through the Looking Glass” collections, will feature highlights such as Pendulum and Chronosphere earrings, a two-way-wearing choker, pendant watch piece, a Gear lariat and ring, Drink Me straws as well as limited edition pave diamond statement neckpieces and bracelets.

    Both collections will be sold at the Carrie K. Atelier, Takashimaya, www.CarrieKRocks.com, and TANGS (from August 2016).

    mashizan TS Part 2

    MASHIZAN is a luxury brand of made-in-Italy women’s footwear that pays tribute to the glamorous days of Italian high fashion in the 1960s. All their shoes are made by a high-quality artisanal factory using material from innovative tanneries in the Tuscan region. Their seasonal collections are all inspired by documentaries produced and directed by Creative Director Mashizan Masjum. MASHIZAN’s vision is to be a global premier luxury brand for discerning, fashion-forward women, offering quality, comfort, and stylish elegance that instils confidence and empowerment.

    Part 3

    Singapore-born, Florence-based Mashizan Masjum started his career in TV journalism – and spent close to two decades producing award-winning documentaries for National Geographic, History Channel, and Discovery. For years, he lived in New York City working on documentaries around the globe but deep down he’s always loved designing.

    Mashizan’s fascination with footwear and fashion was sparked when, as a young boy, he trailed his mother Fatimah to fabric stores and watched her stitching sequins on fabrics, designing and making clothes for the family.

    Mashizan broke away from his TV career in 2013 and moved to Florence, Italy to learn the art of shoe making from master artisan Angelo Imperatrice as well as shoe designing under the tutelage of former Ferragamo designer Ilaria Papucci.

    Returning to Singapore, he launched the brand in 2015 and in just over a year, his designs have been enthusiastically embraced by the Hollywood crowd including Jeannie Mai, Vivica Fox, LaToya Jackson and Solange Knowles. MASHIZAN heels have appeared on US national and cable TV as well as walked on the red carpets of the Emmys. Mashizan is the only documentary filmmaker-turned-shoe designer who has launched a global luxury footwear brand.

    Part 4

    “I love to be inspired by the things surrounding me. Because of my background in TV, I am a very visual person. I capture a moment or a scene that I’ve witnessed and then store it in my mind for a long time. I create little scenes in my head, little films so to speak whenever I’m moved by an inspiration. And then I go into my zone when I design. I play songs that would fit into these films in my head. I create moments, vignettes as I start sketching. Music helps to transport me into that zone. I imagine what it’s like for the MASHIZAN women to be strutting down the catwalk in those heels. I imagine what they’d be wearing. For me, I like that I’m able to draw my inspiration from my past TV works. So now, with each new collection I try to base it off a past documentary that I’d done before.“ – Mashizan Masjun

    Part 5

    Inspired by the hot, crusty silvery lava of volcanoes, we present MASHIZAN’s silver bootie, Tambora.

    MASHIZAN’s Fall/Winter collection takes inspiration from the vivid images captured on film for the History Channel documentary, “Inside the volcano”. Filmed across three continents, the sense-impressions of heat, molten rock, explosive power and vibrant colours have found their way into the collection. Be it the rich textures of Hawaiian lava, the jagged rocks of Santorini, or the serenity of Icelandic ridges, you’ll find nuanced expression in the design and choice of material in this collection while always remaining true to its essence of sophistication and elegance.

    The collection will be out in stores (Tangs and Takashimaya) in August and online at www.mashizan.com.

    Part 1 Part 2

    Started in 2014, Bryden aims to help and serve independent fashion brands and large companies and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing and garment production requirements.

    They handle the whole supply chain process from designing, creating tech packs, sourcing for fabrics and trims, create samples, bulk apparel production, packaging, quality control assessments to arranging delivery of the products.

    Above all, Bryden looks at each project as a partnership where quality and the fun of seeing creative ideas come to life are the most important.

    They believe in a world where anyone who has a creative idea and an Internet connection, is able to start their own fashion label with them.

    To date, they have worked with customers from all over the world, from USA to Tahiti to launch and grow their fashion business and brands.

    Part 3

    • DONOVAN, Founder

    Donovan entered the fashion industry by starting t-shirt brand called Ardentees in 2009 as a medium for cool designers and artists to display and sell their creative products.

    In 2013, Donovan worked for fashion / e-commerce startups like Zalora and Lift12 where he was involved in the launch of their private labels from creating the brands, sourcing factories and suppliers, setting up operations and sourcing teams in China and coordinating the entire supply chain.

    He was inspired to start Bryden when he realised that he had the experience needed to help others build their brands and their businesses.

    • KAI, Co-Founder

    Kai met Donovan when he worked at Zalora, where he led the production team. He learned the importance of forward thinking and processes in an effective and productive environment.

    By removing the hassle of managing the supply chain, Bryden enables entrepreneurs and fashion brand owners to focus on sales and marketing to expand their brands.

    Part 4

    Bryden offers a one-stop supply chain service from private label design services, sourcing, tech packs creation, sampling, bulk apparel manufacturing and delivery.

    Their network of vetted partners and factories possess the capabilities to produce low MOQ apparel orders as well as larger volumes. This helps to kick-start fashion businesses and support their growth as their businesses scale.

    You can find Bryden’s detailed process here!

    Part 5

    Bryden is constantly looking for details that continue to capture and encourage creativity. They are particularly intrigued by great designs. They believe great designs, when executed well, sell.

    Bryden explores and creates designs based on elements that interest them, such as the idea of space, lines, perspectives and architecture. They believe that inspiration and creativity have no limits in the design world.

    In-house samples are produced for portfolio enhancement purposes, to showcase what Bryden can do. Visit www.brydenapparel.com for more information.

    Part 1 Part 2

    Ginlee Studio is a womenswear fashion label established in 2011 in Israel by Singaporean designer, Gin Lee.

    Ginlee’s mission of ‘Making Fashion Matters’ keeps the design development process centred around the wearer, so as to create well-designed wearable of great quality. They want their creations to transcend seasons and time, and to remain as a wardrobe solution instead of ending up in the landfill.

    Their design DNA is elegant, clean, relaxed and modern, marrying comfort and style in one.

    Part 4

    Brought up in Singapore, educated in London, established in Shanghai, and launched a label in Israel.

    Intrigued by how fashion design evolves from a 2D form into a 3D shape, Singaporean Israel-based designer Gin Lee started pursuing her fashion design dream at a young age of 17. In 2002, she graduated from London Central Saint Martins, a renowned college that produced some of the world’s most talented designers.

    Gin spent the following decade working in London and Shanghai with established brands and companies. In 2011, Gin moved to Israel with her partner and founded her eponymous label, which acts as an avenue to document her last 15 years in London, Shanghai and Israel.

    Gin can be inspired by almost anything. She fuses her label’s aesthetic – which is clean and rather geometric – with a concept to give it a modern take. She has taken inspirations from tribal tattoos, shadows, hummingbird, traditional craft… the list goes on.

    Part 5 Shani Dress from Ginlee

    The Shani dress, which is made from silk, is a dainty, delicate and lightweight piece that goes from day to night. The translucent bottom panel adds character to the entire outfit.

    Visit their website www.ginleestudio.com to check out their collections, stockists and online store.