Secretary General's Message

2014 marks the year of a change in the structure of the Executive Committee, with the change in the Constitution. With the specific categorization of sub-committees, we hope this would assist to facilitate better and more precise scope of the various roles of the committee members in the different arms of the Federation.

The new Committee also represents a good mix of the various segment of the industry, from veteran manufacturers (e.g. Sing Lun Holdings, Ghim Li Global, Lee Yin Knitting Factory) to emerging and experienced designers and retailers (e.g. Carrie K, CYC Shanghai Shirt, ESTA, Blum & Co). This will allow us to be able to better understand the needs of our members, and let us be able to constantly strive to provide more practical information and organize more relevant activities and programmes.As the Secretary of the Federation, I would like to drive initiatives in this term to be able to:

  • Have a deeper engagement with the members
  • Strengthen the network of members via more relevant activities and programmes
  • Provide value add support to assist members in their business development, for instance in business consulting and production
  • As for the programmes within the Federation, our 3 major pillar events under the Asia Fashion Exchange have shown significant progress and the traction they have gotten is tremendous.

In 5 years, Asia Fashion Summit has come a long way with esteemed speakers like Global Fashion Division Managing Director of Lotte, and LVMH Young Designer of the Year Award winner Thomas Tait, who presented their industry opinions on upcoming trends and happenings. Fashion and Retail insiders have also earmarked the conference as a go-to summit for key information regarding the industry.

Star Creation, on the other hand, grew from its humble beginnings to a regional competition, attracting entries not just from Singapore, but also from Thailand, China, Japan and Korea.

We also saw the rise of BLUEPRINT, which is gaining a foothold in the region as one of the go-to trade shows for emerging designers, and showcasing designers not just from home shores, but also from UK, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.

TaFf is happy to assist the growth of Singaporean brands and designers overseas via showcase in tradeshows and mission trips in New York, Paris and Seoul. We believe that brands should have the opportunity to move out of Singapore, and be represented in the international market. Through the various trips led by the Federation, we are also heartened to see several brands like A.W.O.L and Carrie K successfully score orders overseas.

Other than the promotion and expansion of our local designer brands into the international arena, we feel that it is also essential to cast the spotlight on these local talents in their home ground. We want to cultivate national pride in our local designers and their products and will be working on several projects to propagate the idea of ‘Buy & Wear Singapore’.

The Singapore Fashion landscape has come long way to evolve into its current shape and form, and I am proud to have been able to be involved in TaFf’s efforts to contribute to this growth. I look forward to continue working closely with our members and potential members to support and spearhead projects that will bring benefits to the industry.

Wilson Teo
Vice President of Membership & Staff Welfare (Secretary)


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Mark Lee
Sing Lun Holdings Limited


Wilson Teo
Teo Garments Corporation Pte Ltd


Chiang Loo Fern
CYC Shanghai Shirt Co. Pte Ltd


Dro Tan
Matex International Limited


Felicia Gan
Ghim Li Global Pte Ltd


Eim Chew
77th Pte Ltd


VICE PRESIDENT, Marketing & Communications
Carolyn Kan
The Good Life Club Pte Ltd


VICE PRESIDENT, Education & Training
David Wang
The Business of Fashion
YY Chen
Tung Mung International Pte Ltd
Priscilla Shunmugam
Ong Shunmugam Pte Ltd
John Lee
Lee Yin Knitting Factory Pte Ltd
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ESTA Pte Ltd
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Bodynits International Pte Ltd
Cheng Wai Keung
Wing Tai Holdings
Patrick Lee
Sing Lun Investments Pte Ltd
Edward Ang
Ocean Sky International Limited
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Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre
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United Texmac Pte Ltd