About TaF.tc

TaF.tc the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, with the vision of becoming the leading capability developer in the global fashion industry.

TaF.tc’s training programs are customized to the corporate sector, individuals and budding fashion enterprises, with the aim of enhancing their industry knowledge, respective expertise and assisting them in exploring opportunities in this dynamic and highly competitive industry. We offer diploma, advance certificate with over 80 short professional courses to prepare the fashion students for a creative career in the fashion industry.

TaF.tc also assist the textile and fashion companies in staff recruitment, training and placement.

Our intensive training programmes from various disciplines are:

  • Merchandising & Marketing
  • Design & Product Development
  • Industrial Engineering, Quality and Production
  • Footwear Design and Product Development

Pursue your passion and love for fashion with us today!

For more information, contact us at +65 3157 6111 or email us at enquiry@taftc.org.
You can also visit us at, www.taftc.org