Hi Marilyn! Have you always been a designer? If not, what was your previous profession?

Nope. Lawyer.

Why did you choose accessories?

I have always loved jewellery. I used to accompany my mother and grandmother to the goldsmith when I was little and youth; I always enjoyed drawing and also studied some Chinese brush painting & Ikebana too.

What is your personal favorite piece from your entire collection?

I can’t answer this: it’s the same as asking me which of my children I love most.. For me the creative process & production of a piece requires a lot of hard work!! The joy is watching the idea take form of it’s own and the result is my vision in Reality.

Marilyn TanBasalt Earrings - 18k Yellow Gold 1-Micron .925 Silver and Bronze Rutilated Quartz EarringsSvartur Collection Ring - Natural Black Dreusy Rhodium-Plated 1-Micron .925 Silver Ring

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Many things: from a walk in the Botanics to a trip to Antartica; recently Iceland and The principles of Architectural forms.

What are your plans for the brand in the future?

USA market: some of my pieces are now sold in the new Museum of Modern Art Chicago store.

How have you/your brand benefited from Taff’s membership programmes?

Greatly without Taff I would not have access to the International Market place.


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